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Our Services

Organic Skin Care

Skin, as being the largest organ that exposes to sun, we take outmost care to rejuvenate the youthfulness and charm by way of exfoliation. We evaluate the need depending on the type of skin, fairness, and acne or oily. This involves removal of dead skins, and scalps from epidermis using organic and natural products that lets skin glow, radiant and smooth. We massage your forehead, scalp and shoulder while applying the soothing cream.

For advice, ask our official makeup artist for Miss Bhutan US



This is traditional, yet natural way of facial hair removal without using chemical/gel to avoid reaction. This is effective way to minimize impact on sensitive organ like skin. We shape eyebrows as per the contours of face to give more attractive clean and fair look. We use cotton thread to remove hairs. Threading is an easy way to give shape with needed angle.



Shirodhara is aesthetic, yet most soothing way of complete facial treatment. We drip oil on the forehead from our special container forming a long fountain that emanates healing sensation. This is an art of ancient treatment for the royals by their masseurs. This involves natural process with mix art of hand massage, which rejuvenates the vein and oxygenation in the brain. Ninety five percent of our clients fall asleep in the first 25 minutes. Please visit our review…




Waxing is extraction or hairs. It is good cleaning process. Before we wax, we clean the area with alcohol to avoid any infection. We apply wax on the skin surfaces and pull them using strip. Waxing is recommended for those who have short hairs, tough or in areas where threading can’t be reached. We do from eyebrow, facial to lower stomach, bikini waxing except for men. We keep wax in our in the recommended temperature for comfortable extraction.



Nails are considered a vital part of our body. We soap, clip and file nails with our sterilized tools while our clients enjoy green tea. After they are cleaned, we ask our clients to choose the color from our 100 plus color gallery, polish and dry.  We do only natural nails and not acrylic or gels. We have disposable slippers for client use.


Spray Tan

Spray Tan is effective way to maintain the tone of your skin especially in summer. We mix tan as per recommended ratio and spray over the desired area by our machine. Please do not apply moisturizer or soaps before tanning. We service clients going for vacation in beaches. We use Vita Liberata pHenomenal brand often used by celebrities. We do full legs, full arms and whole body tan.


Eyebrow tint

Tint is virtual way of temporary dye formulated for eyebrow. It is much safer than hair-dye. This will enhance the look of your eyebrows. We recommend tint if your eyebrows starts growing grey or if you have thin hair, yet want bold look. We use variant colors to suit your needs. We also carry products if you choose to do at home.


Hair Cut & Color

Discover the So Pure Natural Balance hair wellness experience. An exclusive professional hair cosmetic line with color, aromatherapy treatments and styling. Only in Castro Valley location.